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Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

Sterling Silver requires special care and storage to maintain its shine and luster.

Daily Care 

Daily environmental factors such as chlorine, humidity, sweat, make-up, bleach, sulfur, contact with chemicals and salt air can cause sterling silver to tarnish (dull or lose luster/shine). 

To reduce the chances of tarnishing, store your sterling silver jewelry in a dry place, in a soft pouch or soft cloth (silver cloth if possible) or jewelry box.

Avoid wearing sterling silver and store in a safe place when:

  • Bathing, showering, swimming (pools, hot tubs, ocean)
  • cleaning, outdoor chores, any contact with chemicals
  • moisturizers, lotions, hair products, perfumes, and makeup
  • cooking




Sometimes sterling silver will tarnish, the best thing to do is maintain its luster by polishing with a silver cloth to maintain its appearance and shine!

Wear daily as your body's natural oil reduces silver tarnishing.